Soft On The Head!


It’s still Spring but somebody forgot to inform the weather! The time for our Winter-woolies hasn’t quite passed yet, especially for wee ones.  I love this cold, clear weather, it’s great for brisk walks and it’s even better for knitting!  My trusty wool basket is always on standby so when a friend asked me to knit a hat for her soon-to-be-born baby it was just a matter of choosing the colours.


I love this Debbie Bliss cashmerino blend wool and use it for all my baby projects.  It’s so silky soft and knits up beautifully, making it perfect for precious baby skin.  I chose light blue, lilac and white for this hat because my friend likes blues and we both thought that these colours would suit either a boy or a girl.  The pattern I follow is also Debbie Bliss, from the book ‘baby cashmerino 2‘; it’s a really sweet little roll-brim beanie that never fails to please.


The colours come together nicely in stripey stocking stitch.  Only 83 stitches in width, it knits up nice and fast.



Then the bit I sometimes put off for ages… sewing it all together!


I use mattress stitch to sew the edges, creating an invisible seam and giving a great finish.  Thinking about doing it is always harder than the fact and once you start it gets easier and easier.


And finally… it’s finished!



A gorgeous little beanie, soft and snuggly, for a precious little somebody…


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Oh Sew Pretty…Part II!


Last time, I was making the most of the bad weather by sewing a pretty, girly bunting fit for any little princess’s bedroom.  A lack of bias tape meant the finished product had to wait a while but fear not… bias tape and buttons are now on hand to complete my rainy-day project.

After folding the bias tape along the top of my row of flags, I pin it in place.  I enjoy this bit as I now have a good idea what the finished product will look like, how it all hangs together.


Once the bias has been stitched into place on the machine (less scary this time!) the finish line is in sight.  The bunting looks pretty but the addition of some decorative buttons   make it even prettier.  Some little pink hearts add a nice touch.


And finally it’s finished!


A cute ‘Princess’ bunting that will look great in any little girl’s bedroom.


I think the teddies are happy with it….

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Oh Sew Pretty…

Oh Sew Pretty….

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Hidden Treasures

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day in Sligo town enjoying two of my favorite pastimes, eating a delicious lunch and browsing the second-hand shops for hidden gems.  Sligo has plenty of charity shops to choose from so I never come away empty-handed.  I get to go home with something new(ish) and the various shops get some much-needed donations for their charities. Perfect!  Everybody’s happy. 

This latest ‘spree’ proved particularly fruitful.  First of all I found this gorgeous little coffee cup, its gold decoration will add a touch of class to my morning coffee.Image


Next on my treasure hunt was a real gem.  In keeping with the gold and white theme I came across this beautiful milk jug.  Image


I couldn’t believe my luck! I already have some saucers with this exact pattern so I was delighted to give this jug a new home.  The coincidence couldn’t be ignored.ImageImage


The saucers are Arklow pottery, an Irish company which opened in the 1930s in Arklow, Co Wicklow.  Sadly, I think the company has closed down but finding the jug has whetted my appetite for finding some more Arklow pieces.  

The jug doesn’t have any stamp but the pattern matches the saucers perfectly.  Whether or not it’s Arklow pottery it has taken its place in my kitchen with its juggy cousins.Image

It fits as though it has always been there.




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